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Powerful algorithms

& AI solutions

to transform

your supply chain.

Slide Powerful algorithms & AI solutions
to transform your supply chain.
WATCH DEMO Order efficiently.
Pack & ship sustainably.
Save consistently!
Order efficiently.
Pack & ship sustainably.
Save consistently!

The Challenge

Millions of enterprises globally are ordering, packing, and shipping their products inefficiently.

Our Mission

We improve supply chain efficiency to reduce shipping costs, carbon emissions, and waste for enterprises of all sizes and across all modes of transport.

Your Benefits

> 20% savings or improvements on:
–   Shipping & handling costs
–   CO₂ footprint
–   Material waste
–   Product safety & security

Packaging & shipping costs contribute up to 50% of an enterprise’s total logistics spend and are often overlooked as an opportunity to lift savings.


And up to 90% of all shipments are underutilized with “packaged air” – empty space that has already been paid for and can be utilized without extra costs.


In minutes, ALPHA reviews millions of possible scenarios and selects the best product packaging + shipment packing configuration for each of your shipments.

With ALPHA, your enterprise will:

1. Order smarter.

2. Fit more products into boxes.

3. Pack more boxes onto pallets and into containers.

4. Ship more cargo in fewer trips!

Our Expertise: From “on-the-ground” to “into the cloud”

Our supply chain experts spent decades on-the-ground helping enterprises to optimize logistics processes and reduce costs.

With ALPHA, we digitalized and super-powered their expertise with cutting-edge, data-driven technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.

The best part is that you don’t have to change your current processes or invest in any IT infrastructure.

So you can achieve significant benefits without any hassle or downtime.

The Impact: Stop wasting & start saving

> 20% savings or improvements on:

Shipping & handling costs + material waste

CO₂ emissions + proactive steps towards UN 2030 / 2050 net-zero goals

Product safety & security

Take control of your supply chain efficiency with a complimentary assessment.

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